Wednesday, 25 June 2008

[the early bird catches the worm]

"Growing up in an engineering family opened my eyes to the many applications and careers of the engineer, making me aware of the spectrum of opportunities available. I like what I do to be useful and realistic. Chemical Engineering has this to offer. Combined with my desire to know why, and an interest in practical application, this means that I can see the results of my achievements.

Having discovered through my A level studies that the fundamentals of the way the world works lie in Chemistry, Physics and Maths, I believe a subject combining these three main areas of science would explain much of how and why things work and would be of continuous interest to me, opening up a world of constant advancement. Core Maths is my favourite subject, and, as such, is an essential part of any career path for me. As a member of the National Academy of Gifted and Talented Youth, I enjoyed a conference explaining aerodynamics, which took place at Cambridge University. This enabled me to start thinking like a university student, which, for me, meant thinking outside the box, and seeing how Maths can be applied in the real world.

My independence and self-motivation is shown through my organisation of my own work experience, which took place at the Crown Court at Reading. This meant that I utilised not only my organisational skills but also my initiative to further my interest in the Court System. I could also see how important team dynamic is in the work place. My willingness to apply myself is additionally evident through my work experience in a second school exchange in Duisburg, in which I worked with school children. I thrived on the opportunity to make my own decisions and putting my A level German into practice; having to give a speech in German to German students and staff, as well as English students, staff and parents a few months later also boosted my confidence.

My involvement within the Methodist Church has been a key development in my confidence, both on a local and national scale. My confidence has grown though both musical and dramatic productions at a local level, while working with a national body of young people on the Methodist Youth Executive has increased my confidence in speaking to both small and large groups. This has also involved lots of travelling – one of my great loves which has been made possible thanks to Chemical Engineers and their creations.

A love of languages and a thirst for different cultures gave rise to a team expedition to Zambia and Malawi in the summer of 2007. For the duration of our time in Africa, I was voted Accountant by my peers. This shows that I am perceived as being responsible, sensible and reliable – traits that are also shown through my responsibilities as Deputy Head Girl and a member of the School Council. These positions require me to communicate effectively with my fellow students, younger pupils, the Head Girls and staff members. The joint leadership of a Creative Writing group releases my creativity, as well as establishing my skills as working in part of a team.

My preference for tangible results from my efforts can be seen through my involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. After gaining my Bronze award, I am currently working on my Gold. Although my service involving young children has remained constant, my skills as part of this programme have ranged from Event Organisation to French.

In the future I would love to be working for a chemical engineering company that requires me to travel. As a Chemical Engineer, I would enjoy both the upkeep and the discovery of logical processes, as well as the wide range of opportunities for new experiences. This includes projects overseas and being contracted, both of which would enable me to indulge in diverse environments."

3,798 characters (inc. spaces) of fifth draft of personal statement all there for you to read to your heart's content (: constructive criticism (or however that's spelt) is always welcome...

I'll put about my amazing weekend later...when I'm not supposed to be doing german work and being interrupted by my mum ;)

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