Wednesday, 16 July 2008

[can't stop addicted to the shin dig]

and then there were 2.
Since the 4th of July, I have been at school for 3 full days. Inculding today.
So, 4th of July was Cambridge Open Day. Got up at some unearthly hour and underwent the Tube in the rush hour (yes, again, and yes, I did promise myself that I would never do it again) but managed to get the right train to cambridge from King's Cross. (And I went past platform 9 3/4... there were some weirdos pushing against the wall...)
Got into Cambridge at about 10 ish... I think... and started to wander towards the general direction of the Uni. Well, Peterhouse, which was the college that I looked at.
It is amazing! I loved it soooo much. My loving it had nothing at all whatsoever to do with the old buildings, the white tie balls... Not too sure about the course though... will have to look more into it... :D
On Wednesday 9th - Thursday 10th, I went to Brum to do a physics course. Now, this was more useful than it may first appear, for several reasons:
1) I now know that Birmingham is great for shopping
2) I now know that not all parts of Birmingham look particularly nice
3) I now know that I do NOT want to do pure physics at uni.
This means that Brum is quite low on my uni list so far...
'Twas good though. The "party" that Linda and I went to on Wednesday night was interesting... the guys invited us down then proceeded not to talk to us, the strange people...
Friday, was only in for three lessons, but managed to hand my history project and chem coursework in... and sit through an hour of gory driving stuff.
Then got the train to Chesterfield for BREAKOUT! :D was super-good. :D
Went across to my grandparents in Louth, Lincolnshire on the Sunday night, then back across to Chesterfield on Monday, then back, then across to Sheffield for the open day on Tuesday.
That was rather good - got the tram :)
The Chem Eng dept looked quite good, and we all know that Sheffield is cool. Thing is, it would be my dad in reverse, basically... which I'm not sure that I want to do... still, won't hurt to apply!
Got to get up at half five tomorrow though to be in London for 8 for work experience... :S

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