Thursday, 19 March 2009

[if at first you don't succeed..]

...have a gin and tonic.

So, gin and tonic (complete with lemon and those ice cubes that don't melt, so don't dilute your drink) in hand, I'm going to try again.

This blogging thing has kind of been on hold for a month and a week, which was much more than I intended, but lack of suitable time has lead to a decrease in the amount of posting going on.

So I'm going to try again.

Defeat is not something that I normally accept, and, as such, is something that I don't really understand. While Character is a journey, not a destination, Defeat is a destination. And one of the last places that I really want to go.

Having said that, it's now 5 days after I started this blog (again) and so my attempt really didn't go very well at all. Oh well.
life moves on.

Quite swiftly, as a matter of fact. The whole uni thing is properly up and running now, with re-takes for the summer booked (yeah, I probably didn't need to do them but it takes the pressure off other exams) and accommodation for the UoM chosen.
THEN Simon tells me he's one of those hall people next year... (Only joking, Simon, if you're reading this...)

Annnnnyhoo, much to do. Coursework and Exams don't stop :(
such is life.

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