Friday, 13 June 2008

[there's always a bridge that needs crossing]

Mrs Vaughan telling us all about Uni Open Days and Personal Statements and the like is not exactly designed to keep up morale, is it?
I reckon she's just trying to scare us into getting it all done.
It worked on me!
I have, therefore, started my personal statement. After about 20 drafts I will hate this copy and will seriously regret writing it. Oh well... that'll come later. What I really need now is constructive critism. please?
Even the longest journey must begin with but a single step...

Personal Statement:

The fundamentals of the way the world works lie in Chemistry, Physics and Maths. Hence, a subject that combines these three main areas of science would explain much of how and why things work – something that has always interested me.

Growing up in an engineering family opened my eyes to the various applications and careers of the engineer, making me aware of the spectrum of opportunities available. Chemical Engineering seemed just right, as it unites my desire to know why with practical application; this means that I can see the results of what I have achieved.

This preference to have something to show for my efforts can also be seen through my extra-curricular activities, such as my experience in the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. Having gained my Bronze award, I am currently working on my Silver (nearly completed) and Gold simultaneously. Although my service has remained constant (I feel that some continuity is important, especially as in my service I come into regular contact with young children), my skills as part of this programme have ranged from Event Organisation to French.

A love of languages and a thirst for different cultures gave rise to my expedition to Zambia and Malawi in the summer of 2007. Here, I was voted Accountant for the duration of our time in Africa by my peers. This shows that I am perceived as being responsible, sensible and reliable – traits that are also shown through my posts as Deputy Head Girl and a member of the School Council.

These positions require me to communicate effectively between my fellow students, younger pupils, the Head Girls and staff members. This was a continuation of my involvement in our Pioneer Group, especially for the members of the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth. I enjoyed a conference explaining aerodynamics, taking place in Cambridge, as part of this group.

My independence and self-motivation is also evident through my work experience in a school in Duisburg (Germany), where I was separate from the main school exchange. I thrived on the opportunity to make my own decisions and having to speak German; having to write a diary and give a speech in German to students, parents and staff a few months later also boosted my confidence.

Confidence has been a key development that has arisen through my involvement within the Methodist Church, both on a local and national scale. My confidence in performing has been influenced by both musical and dramatic productions at a local level, while working with a national body of young people on the Methodist Youth Executive has increased my confidence in speaking to both small and large groups. This has involved lots of travelling – one of my great treasures, which has been made all the easier due to Chemical Engineers and their creations.

Oh my goodness. It is terrible. Most of it has nothing to do with my course. And most of it is pure drivel. :(

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