Wednesday, 11 June 2008

[gotta get your head in the game]

First of all, I must say NINE SLEEPS!
right, with that out of the way, I may continue.
Eugh. Back at school. Three days in - not even full ones, I might add - and already sick of the whole thing once again!
This may have something to do with the vast majority of teachers deciding to push on with the A2 course, not even a week after exams finishing. (I don't know what I'm moaning about - some of my friends don't finish til monday HA HA HA HA HA lol they know I love them really :P)
Monday dawned bright and too early, but I made it to school on time... thankfully.
Whoever decided to timetable double chemistry first thing on a Monday wants their heads looking at, seriously. No one is awake.
Chemicals + Tiredness + General Unalertness + Gossip catchup = bad plan + accidents(not had any yet,or at least in this lesson, thankfully!) + not really too much work.
Still, got my first hug of the week, and watched a video from the early 90s that Miss Nicholls warned would make her interesting! This really scared us, as you might imagine. I'm sorry, but no matter how much enthusiasm you may attempt to inject into your voice, watching someone prepare samples for spectroscopy is never going to be that interesting. Maybe that's why she only showed us one... hmmm...
Physics, on the other hand, was a nice, practical application of our A2 course... we made safe slingshots. By safe, I mean when not in the hands of Leah, who promptly let hers go, it hitting the wall not too far from Charly's head. We are thankful for small mercies.
Breaktime (typed Breakout there :P) in the form of Lunch came round again, so after popping my head round the door to Miss Kidd to have a quick check of some pamphlet that showed the RBWM's stance on the Every Child Matters Government Policy (same old same old, btw) I continued to do, wait for it, a whole hour, yes, hour, of Prefect Duty. To some people reading this, that may not seem like a long time. But when the sun is shining, it's hot and you're stuck inside telling people off for eating inside, it's not too much fun, I can tell you.
During this time, Mrs Smith saw me and told me that the Chemistry Exchange I had been so excited and pleased about going on (yes I know, I may be slightly sad, but this would have been the first time Newlands participated in that part of the exchange) probably wouldn't be going ahead, due to only 2 boys being interested in it and there being "Leadership Issues". I wasn't too happy, as you may have guessed.
Maths is normally lots of fun and generally hilarious for several reasons, and although this one was not the best example, it still made me laugh. Thing is, as Zoe (oOo she said I was allowed to call her Gerty now wooo!!) *ahem* Gerty wasn't there, it failed to be the usual Gigglefest... especially when we were talking about Passover...
Still, I explained to Mrs Love that Gerty wouldn't be in because it was Shavuot. "Yes," says Mrs Love, "that's all very well, but it's not exactly an important festival in the Jewish calendar, is it?" *Cue Emma's cringe* "Not really," I say, trying to absolve anyone from too much embarassment, "It's only when Moses got the Ten Commandments..." Mrs Love thinks about this for a while. "But she didn't have that other festival off, did she? Passover, Wasn't it?" "Well," I explain, "that didn't fall on a school day." "Didn't it?" "No. I was at her house at the time." At which point Mrs Love bravely decides to drop the subject. She is lovely.
It was, of course, made more interesting by a text that I received in the middle of it. I got a phone from my uncle and haven't quite worked out how exactly to put it on silent yet...
History proved to be in a nice warm classroom, in the shade... perfect falling asleep conditions. Dr Wills, on the other hand, had other plans. He proceeded to quiz us about our exam (about which I made the mistake of remarking that "it was nicer than it could have been" - by which everyone seemed to think that I thought it was a nice paper!! No where did I say that!!) and about our subjects for our personal study. I managed to change my original three options (John and Charles Wesley, The German Olympics 1936 and 1972, Nautical Navigation) several times between them, then deciding that Robin Hood would be more interesting to do, but finally (I hope) settling on Martin Luther and his effects in England. As I know most of his stuff in German already, I'm hoping that this won't be too taxing. Ha. I wish - already got 6 books (no, I do not jest) to read about it. After lots of crossings out, it was time to go home (woo) via The Pincushion to get some wool so that I could FINALLY start Viva's scarf. This had better work.
Would you believe that my lovely teachers all decided to give us work? First day back!! Apparently our head of year said to "give the Year 12s lots of work, then give them some more"!! When I got home I did most of that, to be fair... but then chatted for aaaaages cos I didn't have to get up...
... because we had an "Activity Day" which equated to me being lucky and only having to go into school for the afternoon to do a first aid course. So, I did the usual thing... get up, mess around on the computer, go to school... do the first aid course - most of which, if not all, I'd done already - I only had to leave once, right at the end! I was rather proud of myself. What was really funny was Mrs Vaughan coming out after me and hearing me say through streams of tears (I'd felt really dizzy and faint etc etc etc and I come out of it quite's the relief...) that I was fine! Love it. Went back in and attempted to resucitate (sp?) a baby, but I couldn't get its chest to inflate. The army man (Paul, this one was) had said to blow gently, so I did, but found myself blowing harder and harder, trying to get this baby's chest to inflate! I swear that if it was a real baby it's lungs would have exploded by this point, but I persevered. After a few more seconds though, Paul realised that something was wrong (apart from the baby being plastic, I mean) and had a look. Turns out they'd left the "choking stopper" in. Typical!
Anyway, he persuaded me to give them my email address to give to this Army Careers guy to see about Engineering. After helping at science club I managed to scare my mum by telling her that I could work in bomb disposal. I don't know what was so bad about that!
Went to Coral's after attempting some of Viva's scarf but undoing it all, cos I'd done it wrong (generally what happens when you don't have a pattern! - I found one though) and had another go at it when I got back. This ended up being much more successful. I hope.
Anyway, today we had double maths. Yes, school likes doubles on my timetable. Friday is the only day this week that I have no doubles. (Awwwwww. Yes. Thank you.) It took Mrs Lavender the entire lesson to work out that the paint tin on her desk really was a gluten and wheat free cake, which was hilarious. However, I am worried that Maths Mechanics so far is nothing like Physics Mechanics. Shame. Our core lesson (Period 2) was good...doing integration rather than differentiation. Still more homework from each of those lessons, then got to go to History, which I will definately have to drop as the alternative is dropping German due to timetable clashes. No competition there. Shame. *cough* I'll survive. Containment of Communism is by no means a subject I find riveting at all (this is the point where Matt throws his hands up in horror) and the prospect of more reading at home to write a conclusion to an essay we haven't done on this does not fill me with excitement. Creative Writing was interesting at lunch, as they're starting to write stories. Gerty, in her omniscience (lol I love the way I never blame myself for these things!) neglected to consider that the Year 7s use the same book as we were and may possibly be doing the same activity. Still, it was only 2 of them and I think that it'll turn out ok. I hope.
PE, as always, was interesting. Softball. Hmm. Enough said already, I think. Game stopped so we could watch a Red Kite that was circling over the field! It was really low...
Chemistry was, quite possibly, the best lesson back yet. It was with Dr C, who said that we would have a "brief debrief" and then had to go and "*research* benzene". Linda and I stayed and decided that we would all fail our Electricity module for Physics (Dr C also took it with us), but of course by fail we really mean not get As or Bs, which isn't really failing at all...
And now, I am totally uptodate with all of my work! :D
(apart from some history reading about Martin Luther, but I can't read six books in 2 nights, I'm sorry.)
Mrs Smith found me at lunch and said that I might be able to do work experience in a chemical company in Germany though, so "Daumen druecken" for that!!
Still, with double German tomorrow, I doubt I'll be in such a happy mood. Having my hair cut after that, but still no idea what I want done. Maybe I should just cut it all off??
It'll come to me by 4:15.
I hope...

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