Tuesday, 10 February 2009

[i have a dream]

If you could pick your dream career, it would be most like:
* Writing a travel column, while exploring the world
* Being a wife and mum - with the world's greatest husband and kids
* Owning a huge club, employing all your friends
* Running your own clothing line, where your work varied from day to day
* Being a world famous movie star
* Being a well respected painter or writer

So I was doing this quiz the other day and it stumped me. I really didn't know how to answer.
It struck me that really, I don't dream.
I imagine, and I wish, but I don't really dream. I think that this might be because a dream could come true. If you work hard enough, you'll get what you dreamed for.
Is that worth the dreaming and the hoping if you don't get it, though? Definately a point to consider, I think.

I would love to travel and explore the world, but I'm not sure that my writing is good enough to warrant a travel column. (Maybe I should give it a go on here one day) I don't know how I'd cope with the deadlines or the pressures of having to write something so subjective.

I would also love to be a wife and a mum. If my husband and kids were the "world's greatest" (which I'm sure they would be anyway, at least in my eyes) then all the more reason to want it. But the thing that held me back from this was that I don't want it as a career. At least, not when I'm 18. My problem will come when I do finally have kids and want to continue my work... I can see the disaster area now...

As much as owning a club appeals to me (*cough*) I certainly wouldn't want to employ all my friends. I'd worry that they'd see me as their boss and not their friend, and that I'd end up... well, alone. The pressures of the size of the club, getting customers, making enough profit etc etc etc would also not do me any good, I think. While I work well (perhaps better) under pressure, there is such thing as too much.

When I was younger I used to love drawing out outfits that I'd wear one day. Suffice to say, they only came into reality once (yes, panto, no, you can't see the photos) and I like designing for me, not for other people. Everyone has their own sense of style - what they feel comfortable in and what they want to look like... who am I to dictate that to someone as a fashion designer? Doing something new every day may not suit me down to the T either... I'm all up for variety but I think I work best with some routine.

I don't really see myself as a drama queen. I'll stand up infront of people and talk, but I don't really like acting or singing by myself. Sure, I'll sing in Church or wherever, but that's with a bunch of little of old ladies and (not so little) old men. World-famous doesn't really appeal to me either, tbh, as you'd have to look nice all the time, say nice things all the time, and virtually be acting the whole time! I'm much too much of a private person to be doing anything like THAT!

A well-respected painter or writer would be good if I could draw, or, again, if I could actually write. I'd love to be able to capture what someone looked like; what they saw and felt. Both are art forms I'm quite frankly rubbish at, but hey. Life moves on.

I finally decided on the travel writer, got my result, made a mental note of it and then went back and changed it to the wife and mother. And got the same result. So I guess it doesn't really matter - who you are defines your career, not the other way round.

On a totally different note, this is the most gorgeous LBD I have ever seen. It is absolutely gorgeous :D
I'll never get it...

...but hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

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