Saturday, 16 May 2009

[if everyone cared]

The other day I went to a workshop that was about Christian Listening.
It was really very interesting. We decided that we listened because we cared.

And just why do we care?
We came up with a number of reasons. I don't think I'll remember all of them, as my notebook is downstairs, but the ones that I do remember are simple.
We care because we'd want someone else to care for us, if we were ever to be in that position.
We care because we love.
By default this means that we care because God cares for us (I guess in a similar way to the way we can love because God first loved us). I think that this is one of the most important reasons. Maybe I'll have a think about love one day, but not right now...
We care because we are human, and Jesus reminds us of this when he goes on about the Good Samaritan.

What makes being a Christian so special in the whole caring thing?
This was the really interesting bit. Basically, we decided that we weren't doing it (caring, that is) because we wanted something out of it, as it wouldn't help us. As Methodists, we believe that Salvation is found through Grace alone. This basically means that it doesn't matter what you do or have done, good or bad, it won't make any difference to how God sees you. At all.
This means that the caring that we do is selfless. We have nothing to gain. Now, I'm not saying that everyone who isn't a Christian does have something to gain from caring, or that they have a hidden agenda, because I'm really not. It's just that Christians won't gain anything from it.
It's not necessarily just Christians either. I mean, not just caring for other Christians. Everyone is entitled to someone who cares for them. I think it's important to just be there.
And that it's good witness to be there. It can only be a good thing if someone cames to you, wanting you to care, knowing that you're a Christian, as this shows that they know that you're all about love. And that's what Christianity's all about, really, isn't it? (Now would be the time to be saying yes...)

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