Wednesday, 13 May 2009

[there was a time]

There's only a week and two days left of school. Ever.
How odd.
Everything will be different...
Re-sits will be made redundant :S
Everything will be the same.

We'll have the whole summer to just mess around and have fun.
And I really can't wait :D
Summer 2009 will rock more than any summer before.

And then it will be time.

Time to move on.
I'll love it, I'm sure of that. But there's a little part of me that knows that I'll miss everyone.
Maidenhood-Manchester (hopefully).Maybe I should make it a theme.Only live in "M"places.
Eventually we'll probably all forget one another.

There was a time that all of that was a strange thing that was so far in the future that it could never possibly happen to me. I'd somehow strangely die before it happened. Before I had to make decisions that would really (and I mean really) affect the course of my life. Like A-levels. Like University. It was all something that would happen to other people, not me. And now it's finally here.
Well... nearly. Just those tiny things called exams in the way now. I can't believe that 5 weeks today I will only have 2 exams left. And 5 weeks tomorrow it will all be over. The thing that's worrying me most is actually how little I'm stressing about these exams. They're so close and I still catch myself thinking something along the lines of "meh, still got loads of time!". Haha.

I can't wait for next week. It's going to be soooo good. I spent a very productive free deciding what I was going to wear each day, and how I was going to do my hair and make-up. An hour well-spent, that. Mrs Vaughan would indeed be very proud. I love dressing up :D
Monday: scene kid (only in for an exam), Tuesday: Barbie (not entirely sure about this one just yet), Wednesday: Male Golfers (although mine may be more of a cross-dressing male golfer...), Thursday: School Uniform (oooh yeah :D) and Friday: ARMYYY (haha. best costume EVER.)
Of course, Friday has the best costume as we're all going out in town after, so... :P

But then it will all be over.
And it'll be the start of something new.

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