Friday, 19 June 2009

[holding on, the days drag on]

Finally, the end of exams!
Fantastic, I think. Amazing. No more work! No more revising - or pretending to revise while really watching the tv - whatever. No more.
This is the first day of freedom. Freedom from school - I never have to go back. Freedom from following the same regulations about what you can and can't wear, where you may and may not be and when, Freedom from the pressures of exams.
But, on the other hand, am I not being subjected to more restrictions in diguise?
I now need to decide where to go on which day, who to see when, what to do when - or even if I do anything at all. If I want the car, which I will if I'm at home, I'll need to arrange it before hand.

I have nothing in particular to do, and I'm sure that the days go by all the faster for it. I've been the only one in the house all day today for the first time since exams - which means no revison. I've had a highly productive day watching tv (star trek - yes I am THAT cool), rubbing after-sun into my knee and doing about an hour or so of work. This is in the day that I had planned to do lots of work, a couple of loads of washing, quite a bit of tidying, and yes, watch some tv.

So all in all a totally unproductive day... Hopefully I'll do better tomorrow.
But I really doubt it.

Tomorrow, I need to start working on my testimony. This will be interesting. I have no idea what I want to say or how to say it. Or where to begin. What to include. As well as this, I have to deliver this testimony to other young people I have never met. I guess this means that I'm even more unsure of what to include... because I don't know what they're like, what situations they're in, what life is like for them. I guess if I was writing one that I'd give to my friends I'd have more of an idea of what to say... but I don't really know. Do I include everything, or not? I'd really rather not, but then it really might not make sense. Much like this last paragraph really. I'd better stop before it really does make no sense at all...

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Rach C said...

have you done it? if so how did it go... and if not still need help?