Tuesday, 4 August 2009

[rolling out the Guinness kegs]

So I once again feel like blogging.

This is probably one of the most inopportune times; my to do list is about as long as my arm and I'm going away tomorrow.

But, as I'm waiting for my D of E project to dry, I may as well do something partially constructive. Well, kind of. Ish. Moving on...

My rather nice long relaxing summer seems to have turned into a nice short hectic one. I know that this is all my fault, as I'm the one who keeps agreeing to things, but there seems to be so little time. I sound like such a Grandma when I say that, but I guess it wouldn't be the first time - as Matthew said to me - "What are you, 19 going on 90?!" (I did correct him as to my age, but he just shrugged). But then, if the time you've got you've spent doing things you love, then what's the problem?

One of my great loves is travelling. Just as well really - means I can go off to all these difference places and love it.
Take the time from exams, for example. They finished on 18th June. (I was telling my Grandma this earlier, and saying how long ago it all seemed, and she told me that it was only a couple of weeks ago! She really scared me...)
20th/21st weekend I was canoeing with the DofE gang, which was nice. A good bit of exercise, and lots of fun. Coupled with a few of our made up songs meant we had a great time. That week I don't really remember doing much, so I think I must have been working - a quick check of my emails/time sheet confirms this!
That Saturday I was up bright and early for a half seven train to go up to Cov, for a meeting for work. That was a really good meeting, and it was nice to meet up with everyone as well. Sunday was the standard Door Stewarding and mundanities of everyday life, and then Monday 29th was our Prom. That was good - especially seeing some of my more tomboyish friends (perhaps) in dresses and heels! It was a lovely setting and with lovely people, so overall a lovely time was had!
A late night phone call meant an impromtu trip to Cardiff for four days from 30th June til 2nd July, which was relaxing, and then I was off in Gravesend on the Friday. I met a friend (who lives in Cardiff) in Reading on the Saturday, which was nice, and then (after a D of E meeting on the Sunday) went up to Lancaster on the Monday for four days. My brother was ill when I got back, so I tried to stay out of the house, but he still gave it to me so I couldn't work at the weekend. 13th - 14th July were spent in Royston, near Cambridge (also for work) and I have no idea what I did for the Wednesday, but on the Thursday I met up with Zoe and went to see Harry Potter 6 with her and Lucie. It was quite good, but then I think all films are quite good...
Friday was packing all our stuff on the minibus and trailer so that it could all go safely to Ireland with Phil on Sunday, while we went on the Saturday.
[D of E]
Saturday morning dawned bright and early, meeting the gang at the railway station at 0700. I think we got to the hostel in Dublin (via train to Paddington, tube, train from Euston to Holyhead, Ferry, Bus and walking - Charley and I complete with hiking bags XD) at about half six or seven in the evening. We went out for some pizza, then got back to the hostel fairly early as we had to get a bus the next morning from Dublin to Enniskillin, which is in Northern Ireland. We left Busaras (pronounced Bus Arris, and is basically the bus station) at about 10:30, and it took around 3 hours to get there. We weren't due to meet Phil til about 8:30, so we wandered into the tourist office, and then up to the town. We spent about 3 hours or so in Spoons...
After we met Phil, we went to Gortatol, which was where our Assessor was based. We got to stay in nice comfy tents :D and met our Assessor. The next morning we went back to Enniskillin, spent about £120 on food for four days, then drove the entire length of the part of the canal we would be paddleing. Most people fell asleep...
Come the evening we set up the tents about a kilometre away from where we were going to be starting from, sorted out our dry bags, cooked "fresh" pasta and then Charly and I went to see where we'd be camping the next night. The nearest toilet was about 2km away, with the running water... but we didn't realise it was quite that far at the time. Anyway, we went back to report, then went to look at where we could get on.
It's now aages since I started to write this (I see a trend...) and I can't really remember what happened.
The result is that we had an amazing time, with lots of fun, not much sleep, and lots of canoeing, following by an amazing few days in Dublin - there are photos galore!
After a week in which I went to some interviews, went round to Cara's quite a lot and packed, I was away again in the caravan - no photos, as no one could be bothered to take them most of the time! It's too much effort. We went down to the beach more or less every day, as it was only 2km away, and Mum and I did a couple of nice walks... we all survived and are just about still speaking to each other, so I guess it's all good... :D

This meant that we were back in time for Thursday, 20th August...

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