Wednesday, 26 August 2009

[the smell of hope]

So I'm sat in my room (which is, once again, a tip by the way) leaning back in my (rather comfy) chair and listening to MCR (just changed) while looking out of the window at the dreary sky. It's grey. I have no problem with grey, mind, just I prefer the sky to be blue or black. That's all.

Anyway. I can't believe I got back from holiday only a week ago today. So much seems to have happened in that time.

From staying at Linda's that night and going out to smokies - to keep our mind off the next day - to finding out about 11 hours later that we'd both got into our unis I think I had about 3-4 hours sleep. Linda found it hilarious that I described results as being like Christmas. It is, honestly. You have to wait til a set time to be able to open them and find out what you got. Like Christmas.

Moving on. Rather emotional high on Thursday morning, FINALLY being able to say that I'm going to Manchester and (while being slightly disappointed with results) moving on. It's so refreshing to go somewhere new, be who you want to be without the pressures of parents or people who've known you for years. Went out for lunch with Cara and Linda that afternoon all the way to spoons, and had a nice chat as well, and then went to see Mrs Zawila to see if she was ok. (That was with Zoe). Then got really to go out properly, which was all good. Parents had got me a cake and some champagne, so had some of that (the champagne, not the cake) and went out with Cara, Linda and Florence. Well, went to spoons, the going out but came a bit later. Reading was good, despite the weird guys... oh well, life goes on.

Didn't really do much on Friday, apart from see Zoe. Same applies to Saturday, but I drove my brother to the dentist (oooh the excitement) and managed to get us in the wrong lane at just about every opportunity... still. Sunday was a visit to Basildon, and Monday meant a trip to Reading with Jess and then out with Sophie, Jess and Tom in the evening... followed by about a 45 min convo with Sophie at the top of her road at goodness knows when.. Tuesday was another visit, to Haywards Heath this time, and then shopping for Greenbelt with Cara before entertaining my uncle and his girlfriend in the evening. And today I just watched tv, played taxi and picked up my glasses. What an exciting life I lead! Haha.

On the subject of excitement:
I really can't believe I'm actually going in about 3 weeks! So much to do between now and then, and I can't wait!!
Cara will be connexionalised, of that I have no doubt whatsoever. I hope she doesn't mind...

Yes, a very exciting few weeks on the horizon indeed :)

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