Monday, 10 December 2012

[Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord]

"Prepare ye the way of the Lord"

Advent is a time of preparation.
Of soul-searching, clearing out, reflection.
And of getting excited.

Not just getting excited about the prettiness of Christmas.
Not just getting excited about the prospect of Snow.
Not just about the closeness of holidays.
It's about getting excited about celebrations.
Family, friends...
and most of all, birthdays!

I do quite a job of getting excited, but I need to remember that there's more to Christmas than all the trimmings.  As pretty as those trimmings are...

Advent is a season all of it's own.
It's far too easy to just skip straight ahead, to the time of which we're dreaming...
and forgetting all about the preparation!
Kind of like final year of uni, and the Big Wide World.

Time to focus on the present.
Christmas is coming
but Advent is now.

What are you preparing for right now?
What are you thinking of?
Where are you living?  The future, or the now?

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