Sunday, 16 December 2012

[Save the People]

I've already said that Advent is a time of preparation.  Today I've been preparing not for Christmas, but for exams.  Or I should say, "I've been preparing to prepare".

When I revise, I need everything around me to be clear of distractions.  That means that everything has to be spick and span; everything has it's time and place.  Those who know me will know that although the rest of the house is *usually* tidy, my room is quite often a different story.  Today, that is no more!  My room is ready for me to start my revision.  

There is a large space on my desk (I hope large enough!)
My clothes are all put away
My stuff is all put away
I have a small pile of Christmas presents to wrap (they will be wrapped on Tuesday afternoon, according to my Plan)
My Revision Plan (note capital P) is done, coloured and on my door where I see it every time I walk into my room

Tomorrow I can start preparing for my exams properly.

Tomorrow it begins...

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