Friday, 25 January 2013

[turning through the years]

The title of this blog is a recognition that time trickles away from all of us.  

Now in the final year of my Master's degree of Chemical Engineering, the time will soon come to leave Manchester.  In fact, in less than six month's I'll have graduated!  (Assuming I don't fail).

As it's my final year the workload has certainly stepped up a notch.  Over the next ten weeks the main part of my work will go into producing a 500 page report (roughly) which will look something like this:
Yes, it really will be this big.

As well as this, as the over 18 Ecumenical Rep for the Methodist Church, I'll be jetting off all over the place to attend meetings in different churches.  I'll be blogging about those experiences over at the 3Generate Reps blog here.  Keep an eye on it/follow it to keep up to date with not only my goings-on but also what's happening with the Reps generally - I think I'm privileged to be working with such a great team of young people and staff.   

I promise I'll blog again soon with something a bit more profound and interesting - although maybe my everyday life is interesting to some of you.

Tell me, what have you been up to recently?   What are your plans for the next six months?