Sunday, 8 June 2008

[no wizard that there is or was]

last day of freedom before the dreaded A2s start... and what do I do? Go to town and look like a right idiot in front of everyone dressed as goodness knows what in the middle of the parade! Whoever decided to make the carnival last over two days is a right [insert own phrase here]. As you may be able to tell, I'm slightly annoyed about it. But not too much... Only another year to survive it all... which is scary in itself.
This afternoon was a little better. In the privacy of our garden I sunbathed for a few hours in my bikini and shorts but got terribly hot. I still am, for that matter. And if it's like this tomorrow I am going to seriously overheat!
I celebrated the last couple of days of freedom in traditional style - Legoland on Friday with Zoe and Laura was good. A few chavs there though, which struck us as being rather strange, but it was mainly little people, with a couple of school outings as well. We never went to Legoland with school. But then we did go to Thorpe Park in Year 9, which was good... even though they cancelled it the first time. Daft people. Still, meant we ended up with two activity days, which was better than a kick in the teeth.
Anyway, got back having made a list of everything that can be improved (such as WHERE did Cinnabon go, please give Fairytale Brook a make-over...) and went to the Synagogue cos Laura's class were doing the service. It's Shavuot (sp?), which was when Moses got the 10 commandments, but the theme of the service was Ruth and Boaz, which, as I know the story quite well thanks to the many books I had on Ruth as a child, I rather enjoyed. My attempts at speaking Hebrew were not quite as successful as I would have liked, but I managed to follow (ish) the bits that went too quickly for me to say, or that were spoken rather than sung. I like the singing bit. :D We had some nibbles afterwards (there was a name... Kaddish, Kiddish??) which were healthy and yummy.
When we got back to Zoe's, we had some ice cream and watched a film (Gladiator) and chatted til about two or three ish, then went to sleep. When I woke up at about half eight, Zoe was still asleep :P so I started to read Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I didn't realise that the film was based on a book (well, I suppose I did in the back of my mind, but not so that I put two and two together...) but as it is one of my favourite films (even though I have only seen it once or twice) I was intrigued...
By the time I got onto chapter 2 (Miss Price had hurt her ankle from falling off a broomstick) Zoe was awake and we spent a bit longer deciding whether we would go to the Synagogue again or stay in and make cakes. Obviously the latter won, for many reasons. We made seven cakes in total, including 2 seven inch diameter wheat and gluten free ones, a 7 1/2 inch square, an 8 inch square, two 8 1/2 inch square and a 9 inch square cake. It was gooooooood...
as well as this we managed to decorate a cake and bounce on the trampoline quite a bit... before watching dr who, naturally. Now I really want to know who that River Song woman is... :( These plots are too clever!!
While I got in at about 10 ish, it was about 12 when I went to brush my teeth. Now, crossing the landing at midnight is usually not a problem. Ten steps, max, from my room straight ahead to the bathroom and you're there. Easy.
Not last night.
On the wall between my room and the bathroom was the biggest, most humongous spider I had ever seen. (OK, maybe a slight exaggeration there, but still... those people who fear spiders know exactly what I mean - a spider bigger than your finger nail is HUGE. For a spider.) So began my intrepid journey round the spider, which would have been hard enough at the best of times, but at about 12 and when it starts moving towards you, it was terrifying. It therefore took me a whole sixty seconds at least to traverse a space that would normally take less than five.
I'm fine with snakes, open spaces, closed spaces, heights, the dark (so long as I'm not in an open space by myself :P), water, snails... generally, I'm ok. But spiders are something else. It is so weird how fear works. I am not going to pretend that I even begin to understand it - I'm not a Psychologist (or even a Psychiatrist) (sp??). Hmmm... strange. Anyway, we established that if there were ever any spiders anywhere, Matt or Brian would come and rescue them for me. Which of course is a brilliant plan, but as one lives in Wales and the other in Bedfordshire, I can't see that happening all too often to be perfectly honest. Oh well. I'll have to find someone else that I can phone up at 12 so that they can come round and get rid of a spider :P
After that little philosophical detour I have forgotten what I was saying... or getting to say.
Oh well. It will come to me I suppose. There's nothing like a couple of months in school to get your memory back to where it was before exams and revision started...

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