Thursday, 5 June 2008

[Let's drive far, far away, and not stop until we find home]

I've decided that all of my posts are probably going to start with "so,", just because that's the way I normally think.

so, today was the first day for what seems like forever that I wasn't stressing about exams, or revision, or procrastinating (aka pretending they don't exist)! It was good. :D

anyway, I've spent the day (more or less) with Gerty, which was fun.

Met her at school at about 10:15 - we both arrived at the same time, which was good! Got some stuff for creative writing (not going to spoil the surprise though!) then went into town and to sainsbury's, mum's, woolies and BBs before going up to the railway station to try to get my tickets for lancaster... but enough about that... too stressful!!

Anyways, got back to Gerty's and [this bit is secret, so has been edited out... ;) ]... sorted out some Creative Writing stuff... looking forward to these quests! ^^

anyways, by this point it was about 5:50 so went to Anchor Boys...which was interesting... 4-8 year olds plus new sports = bad bad plan... especially as a few of them don't really get team sports...

Then Gerty and Lorna picked me up and we went to the theatre (via Gerty's house to drop Simon off) which was rather good :D and I enjoyed it immensly. The play was called "Talking Heads" and it was like a series of sketches. The first was of a middle-aged vicar's wife, Susan. that was rather ironic... but also hilarious. The second, a mentally ill middle aged man, Graham, was a carer for his forgetful mother. I found this one quite hard to deal with. The third, a lovely old lady, Muriel, who was dealing with the death of her husband, the mental illness of her youngest daughter, the failings of her son, and the lack of visits from her other daughter. There was a lovely scene at the end where Muriel was dancing with her new ipod and HUGE headphones... it really was lovely.

On the way home, we had a rather random discussion about my last job... which was at Legoland, and a bad day that I'd had there. In the middle of that discussion I got a text that just seemed to come at the right time...
"There's always a reason" it said.

This made me think quite a bit about coincidences and the way God works through our friends.
They are lovely :P

I was going to go on a bit more about this... but I have a big day tomorrow, as Andy will tell me... so I had better go to bed. I'll think some more about it... washing must be washed and rinsed before it is aired, after all...

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