Wednesday, 4 June 2008

[the SKY is the limit]

ok... so I've looked at all the prospectuses for the unis and stuff and looked at how far away they are, and have come up with a top 9! :)
(this is a great achievement, btw)
So, top nine are:
1. Manchester <- I really like the look of this course!
2. Sheffield <- combined attraction of Blades and Meadowhall...
3. Birmingham
4. Cambridge
5. Newcastle <- long way away from parents :D
6. Leeds
7. Nottingham
8. Aston
9. Swansea

These of course obvisously depend on my grades... and actually going to see them! I've booked open days for Manchester (21st June), Loughborough (26th June) and Nottingham (28th June) and planning to go to Cambridge (3/4th July), Brum (going 9/10th July anyways) and Sheffield (15th July). For some reason I am not allowed to look at Swansea. :(
but that's my dad for you...
feeling much better about the whole uni thing now :)

Good thing about going up to Manchester is I get to stay with Rach for a whole weekend :D lol


elmybear said...

Hey you, I've been thinking Sheffield at number two also! I'm blogging too.... but it's a lot less cool than yours *cheesy grin* xx

inpursuitofhappiness said...

omgsh the pretty background is soooooo hard, it took me 2 days straight to do... it's not v practical tho, i was considering going back to a classic layout :(